Mooji – Find what can not pass.

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Everything comes and everything passes except one “thing” that can not pass.  In this super short three minute video, Mooji explains that finding the one that can not pass is the key to finding your “Self”.

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Diane says:

Again, all I can say is thank you

Rowena says:

Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 x

misha says:

Love You

sally says:

Very good Gratitude Thank You Om Shanti om

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thank you again today for your continued efforts.

sally says:

Blessed I am Blessed you are Thank you

Joanie says:

Love this depth of Being! Thanks, Mooji, for inviting us there.
I don’t mind! Anything! Bring it on! I release all projections of fear, doubt, confusion, guilt etc. and embrace the silence of the Self! Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!

Chris says:

This is it. All in 3 Minutes…. no words…..

Thierry says:

This silence is pure alert presence.

Brigitte says:

It is so helpful to say, I dont mind ! Thank you Mooji again and again!

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