Mooji – How to deal with feeling stuck or blocked

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Have you ever felt like you were stuck or blocked? In this short six minute video Mooji will help you understand and transcend this very common phenomenon.

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Uziel says:

Thank you mooji
You are a ray of light

henri Chero says:

Beautiful short videos of Truth
Om shanti
Thank you says:

Thank you Mooji, this is exactly what i feel is true for my next step in this. You confirm my intuition on that..May you remain a long time with us, preciouse guru

mandy says:

love you mooji, the way you speak really resonates with me, I connect with you fully, you are my light, the way and the video about blocking really has struck a chord with me and I am from this present moment going to commit to being pure awareness…..may god bless you always and god willing I will have the honour of being in your presence one day, Namaste x

Kanchan says:

Thank you so much Dear Moojiji, you are so clear, crystal clear. thank you soooo…… much. thank you sangha for choosing and sharing these wonderful video clips, they hit to the point. May the Supreme Reality bless your team for this seva

Nayana says:

It is very helpful video.Thanks for your guidance.

rowena says:

It is another shape that the mind takes…i can witness this, I am not In the block…..and the Beingness needs no remedy 🙂 thank you Mooji

Anonymous says:

Great advice about the feeling that I am blocked. Mooji makes it so clear. Thank you!

Marie says:

Very Great helpfull video ! MOOJI answers exactly , at this moment, to my projection of feeling to be stocked by stopping smoking cigarettes !!! Thank you for this sharing !

Sasha says:

Granja for this!❤️

odete santos says:

Grata por este vídeo Namaste

Vimla says:

Bless you mooji baba this morning the feeling was exactly this….. now it is nothing…. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

Haileselassie says:

Thank you Mooji the words so uttered are ray of light to my body and soul and set me free
GOD bless with His abundance grace Amen!!

Natraj says:

SO true ,,always immense joy to hear it again and again ,,To place it back at the right place Who we are ,,,Gratitude and Love MOOJI

sally says:

Thank You Guruji Moojibaba

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