Mooji – Is it possible to be without doubt?

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Many find that they can not get rid of doubts (in their assimilation of the “Truth”) and wonder if there will ever come a day when they can be so certain of their position that there is no longer doubt. In this eight minute video from Mooji, he replies to the question, “Is it possible to be without doubt?”

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mike says:

thank you

Joyce A Miles says:

Thank you Mooji.

Anonymous says:

Yess, this is very good video. Mooji is so clear about the me and the self and the problems the me creates and the fact that it is consciousness playing a game with itself……. Thank you so much Mooji for explaining and touching my self (the self) everytime I listen to you

Diane says:

Thank you, always thank you

Ursula Henn says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you …

Anonymous says:

Thank you, dear Mooji

odete santos says:

Adorei o vídeo grata Namaste

Orlena says:

Brilliant… so clearly described…

Sylvia Duijm says:

Thank you thank you ….always thank you

Lucie says:

I believe and live with god’S thoughts. I feel peace, freedom and joy through God’s vision

Renáta says:

Oh, Moojis words were needed. This pointing is one of my favourits.
I love you sooooo much.

Brigitte says:

Thank you Mooji. Your words are clear again.


Maria says:

Beautiful, stay quiet.. Everything is in harmony.. The mind is itchy, always next next then u get caught in the doing and your actions are immature.. Stay quiet and everything will reveal itself.

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