Mooji Video: Don’t try to hold on to anything.

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In this 5 minute, five star video Mooji explains that we need to stop trying to hold on to the idea we have about ourselves. Let’s listen…

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Carmen says:

thank you

Kanchan says:

Thank u so much, Each video is giving me more and more clarity as to who I truly am without even a shade of doubt. Thank u once again Dear Moojiji and sangha for untiringly sharing all these pointers to the Truth of Truths

mike says:

Thank you. ” If you can’t surrender, then continue to be quite” thank you Mooji.

Gaia says:

Thank you so much for all the wisdom. It would have been nice to include His silent moment into this video.

Angelica Christi says:

I love this video… my only wish was that it wasn’t chopped off at the end… to sit with Mooji in the silence of that moment would have been lovely. Yes, I can sit in silence ‘alone’, but it just would have been nice!

admin says:

Who is wishing this?

Chris says:

Wow, I love this, so much power in this. I love you Mooji 🙂

K.zomer says:

Thank You,

Sweet love , klaartje Zzomer

Anje says:

Thank You sooooooooo much beloved Mooji

Lalla says:

Thank you so much Mooji beloved Mooji !!

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Yes, sitting with Mooni in silence would have less broken contact with the moment where the Video had taken you so abruptly. It would have been nice to linger in the awareness of that moment.
Thanks for provideing it

Jaya hurrem says:

No words …can say the gratitude

Jaya hurrem says:

So much love ,gratitude , namaste

Joanie says:

Thank you, Mooji! For sharing the Truth!
The geode is finally cracked open & I am finally experiencing the Self, which has always been there. You are so right.
We need to see ourselves differently, to see each other from our real selves! Now I see how suffering is just a thought, not real.
I used to think that we were suppose to live in Joy, but didn’t see with my open eyes.
Thank you for showing us the way! Namaste!

Dana says:

With all my soul I thank the Eternal for this message given through you…Mooji my Guruji. Namaste

Wilhelm says:

No words, just “Thank You my beloved Guruji”

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