Mooji Video: Once Realization Takes Place, There May Still Be Dark Clouds Ahead

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This 7 minute clip of an impromptu Satsang with Mooji, he explains that even after “Realization” takes place, there may come times when the mind is at its most potent in its resisting power to try to break your new understanding and that it is better to be prepared for such experiences rather than loosing confidence in your realization.

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Mr. B says:

I love the compassion expressed here. The love.

I wish I could be there.

Stephan says:

Dear Mr. B., you are there 🙂

Marie Ferens-Malacas says:

Namaste I needed this and it helped me very much Perfect timing in my life. Thank You

annmarie says:

grace…. has no bias, yes, thank you

Bash says:

Stabilisation. Rough ride.

Anonymous says:

Thank you so much! These little videos are pure gems! Namaste! _()_

Joli says:

I have been watching Mooji for the past half year. A friend introduced me to his pointings. Am forever grateful for this friend. Yesterday she asked me: who are you without all your baggage? I was in shock. I said I don’t know and maybe I don’t even have the courage to find out….Thank you Mooji for helping me slowly to see and understand.

Dhira King says:

Thank you
This is a door and a path
I am so grateful for
Thank you with all my heart

Jane says:

Watching Mooji Baba on line over the last few days has been a great Blessing.
So many of the Satsangs speak to the circumstances I inwardly find myself facing.
Seeing and listening to Mooji Baba, is giving me the courage to deal with the conflict in ways I may not have managed before.
The gratitude I feel is deep. Thank you. Thank you.

Jane says:


I am wondering, where in the world for 2018.. I would have an opportunity to see Mooji… and take Satsang with him? I see there are no plans for India… I am not fit and feel that Portugal at Monte Sahaja may be “out of reach” for my physical condition. Please could you advise. Thank you.

Michelle says:

Thank you Mooji.
I have just recently found you on YouTube, and am so grateful for the wisdom that flows through you.

Anonymous says:

Seems mind continues to do what it will do, but it’s hard to take it so seriously anymore.

Tina says:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this wonderful video full of wisdom, which gave me this insight:
Our beloved Master Mooji Baba who is sitting in front of us … he is more than alive and full of wisdom, love, compassion, joy and happiness, we can’t deny that and he has fully realized who he is – so, we have nothing to be afraid of – this full realization of who we are, is like a rebirth through a lot of pain and in the end something very good will be realized, so some trust in that, will help us a lot, won’t it?
How could we be all these thoughts, sensations and pain, which are arising in our mind and body… we know for sure, that they all will pass away … and nothing is lasting forever – except the Self, that we are – what a relief! Namaste

Renáta says:

Dearest Moojiji!
Your light comes through all the darkness in the World. Thank you. It became clear that we weren’t born for suffering but we have to suffer to overcome the false identity.
Though I realise I must be reminded of who truely I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your teachings.

Gertrud says:

Mooji – Thanks so much for this advantage of getting each day a special Video – what a good reminder!!! With love and thankfullness!!!

Renáta says:

Thank You Dear Guruji!
I’m keep following the pointings and totaly agree with the process. Hard core stuff when Mind and Body feels like screams at the same time. Mostly from staying in cold inwirement. i’m coming with baby steps like a new born/ given birth to my sober Self. But I did Changed my Stride.
Thanks for all the effort.
Peace, Love, Unity, Flowers

Renáta says:

Dearest One!
I am getting better and better every hour but detoxing is hard to bare. But I came to a point where all began clear. Thank You! I just struggling what is the main point is..
Should I countinou my path or I have time for recovery?
Although I am all fine. Full with Gratitude. Love in my heart towards You foreign placed Friend. I NEEDED THIS INTERRUTION.
I am glad. 🙂 <3

Anonymous says:

Man…… Mooji your so incredible. Without exception you amaze me every time with your wisdom and insight. Truly I love you, you reach something deep in me that I don’t know how you do it. Without exception you never fail to shift something inside me.

Anonymous says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Anonymous says:

Thanks…Giruji ❤

Sampath says:

She said and means STALKER. That means even after awakening, the mind keeps following me where ever i go. Not STRONGER.

Anonymous says:

Thank you Guruji Mooji so many videos to connect with ‘wholesome tribe of satsang when alone. Gratitude and deep appreciation for how much you offer. Thank You

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