Mooji Video: No Need to Walk Out of Your Life to Realize the Truth

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In this 15 minute interview style video, the interviewer explains that sometimes people take everything that Mooji says quite literally and quit their jobs, leave their family and their homes and even renounce money altogether.  Mooji explains that one does not have to do ANY of these things to realize the “Truth” and that one has to come to Satsang with the maturity to realize what is truly being pointed to.

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sally says:

Thank You I Hope this stops some confusing questions I am asked all the time..Wonderful Share…I Know of walking out of my life and this is both valuable and it is very much Appreciated.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Mooji Baba

sally says:

Just to add…As, In Being myself and what I do is who I am..Namaste

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