Mooji Video: To Know Nothing is to Be Free

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In this 5 minute video, Mooji emphasizes the beauty of not knowing anything at all because when we know nothing about anything, we can just let everything just be, which does not color everything with the workings of the ego.

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Joanie says:

Excellent pointing to be the Self, 24/7. No worries, no concerns, no egoic mutterings!
True trust of the God Presence, Who created us to His image & Likeness. There I bask in the Oneness.
No wonder Mooji is so filled with Joy as well as God Strength because He has discovered who he really is.
What a role model, whose kindness & gentleness point to a loving Presence within all of us.
Jesus said, what I can do, you can too. Mooji says the same because he is the same.
I so appreciate Mooji reminding us where to look for the Gold. Namaste!

shelley freeman says:

Lovely. Only word I have.And here’s another. Joy.

Maite says:

Merci merci merci je n’ai pas d’autres mots

Maite says:

D’autres mots rien savoir se laisser faire

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