Mooji Quotes: Personal Identity is the Very Pollution of the Mind

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This beautiful five minute video was created by Lucia Lagana and combines music, images, and  quotes from Mooji. The theme of this video is that mind will never be pure as long as it carries the smell of a person. Please comment below if you enjoyed this format for sharing Mooji’s words.

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Peter A Bacchioni says:

Yes I enjoy this format but quotes are difficult to read. Consider changing color of type face and/or increase time to read each quote.

Veena says:

Good! Thank you!

Rowena says:

I enjoyed this, yes I agree, it’s a little difficult to read the quotes, with the white font against the the photographs…but thank you 🙂

Judy says:

I love this. Perhaps interspersed with the other more traditional videos of Mooji speaking. The music and images and great shots of our beautiful Mooji make for a lovely experience. Some of the script is difficult to read particularly on the lighter background. Thank you for adding this!

lyn says:

Yes, I think these videos from Lucia are wonderful!
Thank you so much for making them, Lucia, with such love and devotion. Yes, sometimes the quotes are a bit difficult to read, but I simply pause the clip for a moment and enjoy them for as long as needed. Then there is no problem. And the photos of Mooji are so beautiful! These videos should be sipped like fine wine. There is plenty of time to enjoy them, again and again.

zorbathebuddha2 says:

Yes, it is helpful when the format is altered – refreshing, thank you.

Danielle Choquette says:

Very grateful for this pointing! Thank you so much for sharing,Michael!

Laise says:

Amei este formato…mas prefiro os vídeos com conversas espontâneas ou com as caminhadas com nosso Amado Guruji

Barbara Unger says:

I agree with the other comments. The font is hard to read and I would prefer that it be on the screen longer.
I like the concept. It allows for something to take away and reflect on.

Summer says:

Beautiful, really like the format, the images and the way they flow into one another, music, the quotes/pointings are on target. I just pause it to ponder or write down the pointing. Great offering Lucia and Michael. Thank you, Namaste

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