Mooji Clip: I Am Here for this Moment

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In this super short video from an interview with Mooji, he responds to questions about satisfaction, wants, desires, and simplicity of life.  Even though we can see in this interview that a seed existed within him to move from England, we also can see that there was no plan, no goal, only a contentment for living for the moment, and yet life has brought him to Monte Sahaja and an entire community built around him.

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sally says:

How I Love You. You are ‘Seen’ Christ Love..My Mirror. Namaste Mooji Baba Namaste. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

sally says:

NO response required..Error hitting wrong button…Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Beautiful Sangha. I hope to be in your presence in Portugal. It was a delight to meet and say Hello at the UK Yoga Festival..Thank You One and All so much for your Much needed Physical Presence In The UK. Thank You! Thank You Thank You. My Heart to Your Hearts Love sally

Lalla says:

Thank You so much Beautiful and Beloved Soul Mooji.

Anonymous says:

Thank you! _()_

catherine Casse says:

every morning when I get quite to listen to you, I know I am going to meet me differently. My hart feel better always after the time I take with you. Thank you soo much for that. My life has simplified a lot since I follow your speach. I sometimes Wonder how I can stop my feelings or thoughts hungry about my daughter. She refuse to speak or to see me since 3 years and refuse that I see my grand children. I feel very sad about this and even if I try to keep my hart in loving her, the sadness takes over. I wish you could give me an advice to help me in this. Long life to you Mooji, and thank you a lot.

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