Mooji – Fire All These Concepts!

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This 8 minute video is one of the most precious Mooji videos. It explains what it is like to BE life as the self.

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Greg says:

The mind show shows up as “reality,” featuring ‘all if us in it ‘playing the part if real people,’ with zero success. Truth guarantees that NOW can only be content in the mind show. It has no
Impact on anyone, any where, ever!

Shanroy says:

Always a blessings listening to mooji satsangs and videos here in jamaica from portland jus like mooji

Aashna says:

Beautiful, space, thank you so much for sharing this… Much love..

Eric says:

Very sweet

Mr. B says:

I just want to sleep.
And I have 30 days before being evicted.
I may end up homeless.
I should be packing and
Looking for a place.
But I just want to listen to your videos.
Thank you.

Glenda Jasper says:

Being in the moment dear one trusting positively what your going threw is of consequences
Only you can change this
Please try not in drowning your energies in negative patterns
You will overcome this dilemma for everything changes
Remain Positive and in calm state you will be directed in finding your source of action..

Ed Sager says:

I just read your response to Mooji’s teaching on October 18, 2015. How have you experienced life since then? I was moved by your acceptance of your situation at that time. It would be great to hear from you. Ed Sager

Anonymous says:

thank you!

Nayana says:

Life is like flow of spring of water, everything is work on like spontaneity …..Thank you.

Marlaya says:

🙂 🙂 🙂

yana says:

Joy to listen this God bless you Mooji

Glenda Jasper says:

Walking threw your life in total bliss of weightlessness ty ty ty Mooji

Glenda Jasper says:

We are all experiencing being this energetic energy of of consciousness
Our stage of Life has been done over and over
We shall not go out no more for the Curtain shall be drawn upon our cue
Now you have come back to me, to be a pillar of immortality of my eternal existence ..

Maria says:

Ahh, the joy of life’s dance!

sally says:

So Much Love So much Joy So Much Happiness..So Om So much Love Thank You.Thank You Thank you.Now

Brigitte says:

Thank you so much Mooji!


Maria says:


You don’t go to a restaurant with your own menu.

So don’t have a manifesto for life.

The body doesn’t flow, the energy in u flows.

Go to life not knowing and it will get done.

I like a quote by Ramdass
When I don’t know myself I serve u, when I know who I am, I am u.

Thank u.

Nicole says:

So beautiful. The true love of God and oneness in him all is taken care of. No need to be fearful anymore. Joy love contentment peace. Thanks be to God for showing me who and what I am.

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