Mooji – No Need for a Plan

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Other than for practical purposes, Mooji explains that there is really no need for planning. It goes against everything we’ve been told, but we need to realize that “life” is truly in control and there is no need for plans.

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Anonymous says:

‘…there is a natural trust and a recognition that whatever is need it is arising spontaneously to meet whatever the needs of the moment are….”

Veronika Birken says:

I have to smile when I watch this. I have had the tendency to try to figure things out until I noticed that I was spinning and getting nowhere. I love the feeling of trust. I love to just allow the moment to take care of itself. So freeing! 🙂

sethu says:

In this mortal body the immortal divine resides!Mooji thank you 111

Kanchan says:

Thank you sangha for posting these videos

Nic Hawker says:

Please add me to mailing list. Thank you.

Anonymous says:

I love mother mooji

Nayana says:

Existence takes care of ourselves,we have to trust it.,Moojiji, Thank you with Love.

Glenda Jasper says:

We have come to remove what we shared as unconscious beings ~ now the veil has lifted as we come to know the difference .

Glenda Jasper says:

Everything in this very hour is a blessing in every room in every tree in every person
Feeling Blessed to trust myself in all things made possible
Freedom of thoughts is ultimately a clarity of present knowing..

Anonymous says:

Thankyou Thankyou

Vic says:

If I had as much money as him and others to take care of me then it too would be a relief for me me! LOL!

dianne says:

Vic, you have got that the wrong way round!

Anonymous says:

Thanks sri mooji arround the below is nomes history everything good of god

Joanne Roundhill says:

Hi there
I am so grateful for these postings
I have realised so much through mooji s pointings
Would it be possible to play it through a format with screen mirroring so I could put it on my big screen please

Brigitte says:

Thank you so much Michael for this video. It is what I needed.


Yvonne Spaulding says:

I love you so much, dear Mooji, and am just so filled with joy listening to your words and seeing your radiant face! Such a blessing beyond words to have these videos and today’s was
so what I needed! Love, Love, Love

Maria says:

Beautiful.. One of my favourite videos.

Planning has a taste of fear in it.

Allow the moment to take care of it self..

Whatever will arise will arise naturally..

Just let go, and trust.

Trust in the unknown

Trust us a positive relationship with the unknown.

Thank u.

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