Mooji Answers: Who Is This “I” That is Suffering?

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In this 8 minute video, a seeker writes in saying that she is suffering life and wants to know how she can begin to really live.  Mooji explains that the first course of action is to find out who (or what) this “I” really is.  Once one knows its true nature of being life itself, there can be no question of “suffering life”.

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Diane Giese says:

It is the thoughts that create suffering…go in n be quiet, silence

Vesna says:

In this video I have found some answers for my self as well. Like, how much we really do pay attention to the I we are refering to..
Thank you so much, very grateful.

sally says:

This Was The question….a Few Years Ago. Thank You Thank You Thank You Guruji Mooji.Gratitude and Love IS..I Love You

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