Mooji Video: Forced to Surrender

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In this short 5 minute video, Mooji responds to a woman who is homeless and wants to know, “I have run out of moves, what can I do?”.  Although we may not reach the point of homelessness, many of us still reach a point when we feel that we have run out of moves in our life and don’t know what to do. Listen to what Mooji has to say about this…

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Starshine Giese says:

God moves mountains want you totally surrender scg States stand back and look at what you are missing when you totally surrender everything Changes I speak from experience if it is not meant for you the universe pushes it away the Divine takes over

Starshine Giese says:

My phone is changing my words …once u totally surrended …….as Mooji stated stand back n look what is missing, etc.

kathy burke says:

Well this video was ok if one had a bed to go to tonight and some food etc. How it helps the person that is wandering around with neither of these things seems short sighted , would like to know if this person ever did meet up with you and how are they doing today.

Ann says:

Dear Mooji, I hear the love in these words & I trust you & Kelly have met/will meet in time. Inspires trust in the surrender. I look forward to joining you in satsang at the World Yoga Festival in Reading xx

Anonymous says:

Love this…

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