Mooji Video – Mechanism of Thoughts Into Existence

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In this video, Mooji explains the mechanism of thoughts and that as long as we believe in our thoughts, then they must come into existence in some form whether it is emotional, psychological, or physical. It is our energy that supplies the fuel for their continuance. If ignored, or not believed in, they disappear just as quickly as they appeared because they can not continue to exist on their own.

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Starshine says:

thank u again Moojiji n staff,so much appreciate these videos each n every morning…

admin says:

Just want to clarify that we are not members of Mooji’s staff or immediate Sangha, however we are very much dedicated to bringing his message to the world. We are very happy that you enjoy the daily sharings.

sallymartin says:

So Simplisic…..Namaste..My Heart Is Full..Thank You Guruji Mooji

veena says:

The more I listen, the more I feel I do not understand. But I am pulled into watching more!

vaidehi says:

I want to ask Mooji a question. How do I do that? I had some experience. I am a little confused. So the question I want to send him.

Pls. guide me.

Roma singh says:

What profound insights! Thank you Michael for doing this for us!!

Margit Rajda says:

IGEN! Köszönöm, Mooji.

Liz Garland says:

Thank you – we are spiritual beings on a human journey – thank you for the light you shine on it. Mucho Love Liz Cavan Ireland

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