Mooji Video: Who or What Is It That is Identified?

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In this great 10 minute video, Mooji explains what gets identified with a “person” within us. He also explains that the “I” or “I am” comes as the “sound” of the absolute in this body. What a wonderful way of putting it.

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Nayana says:

Nowadays I experience everything happens in my life, it seems like story or illusion. Is it also a thought/mind ?Conditioned mind is not leaving me, even though I don’t mind it. I feel I made formula of “don’t mind it”. Am I in right track or this is another trick of mind ? I am now very confused.

admin says:

Stay focused on the one that is aware of all that is happening and keep watching Mooji videos. Soon the clouds and confusion will part.

Anonymous says:

Pregunto ¿Como hago para que los videos los pueda escuchar traducidos al idioma español o, en todo caso, subtitulados en este idioma.
Saludos desde Lima Peru.

marie a, hughes says:

my previous comment said it appeared to be “SPAM” , dont know why. try again, I was taken in my sleep several times by an angel to a place of complete peace and love. …love indescribable as we know it. i had no recollection of this reality or anyone i loved in it. This love i believe is GOD,but is not in any human form. when i was returned i felt saddened that i have forgotten my kids. there is no love on this earth compared to this love i felt. i do not know why there is hate,fear, poverty, sickness here,but i will do my best with what intellect given me. thank you.

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