Mooji Video: Mooji Shares the Experience of Loosing His Son

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In this video Mooji describes his experience of loosing his 23 year old son and what took place within him.

Please note: There is a Part 1 to this video but the subject matter is almost identical to a previous video that can be seen by clicking here. This part (part 2) stands completely on its own.

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Vesna says:

‘Life is big enough for all this things to play’
Thank you ❤️

Rowena says:

I was going to write exactly as Vesna above 🙂 ‘Life is big enough for all these things to play’. Thank you Thank you Thank you ❤️✨

Divyo Putney says:

You Are so Beautiful to me…in deep gratitude..Much love

Marjolijn says:

<3 thank you so much!

Frøya Hansen says:

Thank You so much, You Are so beatiful , in Deep gratitude….much love

Jindi says:

What a beautiful video! Thank you Mooji

Florence Magalefa says:

I love your your beautiful Soul. Thank you
I wish I knew when You’re coming to London… I’d love to be in your presence or Satsang. Namaste

Liz Garland says:

Thank you – Love and Light x

Angela Torrisi-Kosar says:

Thank you for this video, I heard Mooji say that his son’s passing was natural…I struggle with this as my son, who was 28 years old, passed by suicide 3 years ago, which is not natural. My prayers for acceptance has shone me that my son was mentally ill Even now when I think of it, the pain that comes into my heart wishing he did not have so much pain to choose to end his life, then I remember and give that pain away to the wind.

Ahiva says:

Who was mother of his son?

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