Mooji Video: Don’t Try to Save “Yourself”

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In this short 5 minute video, Mooji points us back in the best direction.

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Vesna says:

Thank you thank you thank you, for this video.
‘If you cannot surrender, keep quiet … ‘ Thank you again. With all love.

Darrienne Heller says:

When you speak It seems to me you’er talking to those of us who already know the truth. I thank you for the reminders and your perspective. I often listen as if I didn’t know and wonder if I could hear what you’re saying and realize what I truly am and am not. I admire your devotion to continued teaching to those who think they are a person and perhaps someday awaken to the knowing they are no thing and therefore can be everything.

Haileselassie F says:

God bless you!! all alternatives pointed are acceptable
We need to choose one to find the one truth
Thank you

Ailsa says:

So sacred, so exquisite. Thank you.

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