Mooji Video: How Can I Balance the Inner Joy From the Self, With Outer Joy From the World?

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In this EXCELLENT video clip, a questioner says that she can spend many hours just “Being” and bathing in joy, but that she can also experience a different kind of joy from out experiences. She explains that very often in the process of experiencing outer joy, it negatively impacts her inner joy and she’s not sure what to do about it. Let’s find out Mooji’s sage advice…

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Anonymous says:

This is a very interesting video which contains wisdom in how to integrate “Truth” into our every day lives.

Irene Erin Aslin says:

Dear Mooji!

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! As always, such a beautiful, profound explanation that resonates deeply with me. I first met you around 10 years ago, volunteering at your Satsang in Chicago. I also asked you a question at the time about revelation I received and was so inspired by your answer. I follow you on YouTube since then, you’re one of my true spiritual teachers – One that I proudly call my Guru. I recently created my YouTube channel where I post videos to share my spiritual awakening, revelations, and more. and Thank you for appearing in my life, for your teaching and inspiration! Much love!

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