Mooji Video: Free of “Working Life Out”

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In this AMAZING five minute video clip from Mooji, he invites us to remain in that place of silence where we are free from “working life out”.

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Anonymous says:

WOW, Power-Filled Direction. Thank you Sri Moojiji. Lord, Grant me Courage and Thy Perfect Grace.

Sujata says:


Anonymous says:

No images needed . Distracting when GurjiMooji s words are so powerful

Nayana says:

Great …..peaceful …..

Anonymous says:

Mooji’s words go so deep, everyday. They touch the core everytime

Glenda Jasper says:

Words I have been raised to know have no meaning since as a child my sight of seeing made a difference in remaining calm and not allow outer energies to possess your presence..

Dearest Mooji thank you ty ty

Cynthia says:

Thank u, allow seeing to appear naturally. I feel such love here…….

nahid says:

Namaste your efforts ❤m

Maria says:

Wow!! There is nothing else I can say.

Tatjana Bulesic says:

Love you Sri Mooji,

Chris says:

Love you Guruji
Jai Gurudev

Boelo says:

Every moment fresh. Love remains.

sally says:

Your just beautiful Guruji Mooji
Thank you for Being
Namaste Sally

Renáta says:

staying silent. That is all I need to get to a deeper understanding.
Thank You Master. Namaste.

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