Mooji: Why So Much Violence in the World?

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Who is responsible for all the violence occurring in the world?  Mooji answers this question in this video but the answer is very easy to miss. To sum it up in short, when consciousness is identified with the body, this gives birth to individuality (the ego) and this ‘ego’ is susceptible to any kind of conditioning, good or bad.  Therefore, conditioning and genetics can produce a Mother Teresa or it can produce a murderer but in either case, it begins with miss-identification.

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Eric says:

No one but a master could possibly explain the sickness of this planet so eloquently and thoughtfully as Mooni did in this video –

Jay P. says:

Truth and understood – it is akin to the sudden thought of, I like blue, suddenly blue is the colour, everyone likes blue this year, blue is in fashion etc etc, (where does the thought originate?) – the cosmic web of thoughts touches on all of our consciousness.

Stephen says:

Another great video, to let me know there is further to go on this journey

Nicole says:

Thank you Mooji for your words. Very helpful to unveiling of my eyes to know my true self.

Steve Wyle says:

I wonder what Moojji says about what is occurring in Ukraine… the world needs his wisdom now… what to do

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