Mooji Video: A Discussion on Aloneness

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This video helps us to understand the concept of Aloneness and what is beyond the concept of Aloneness and our attachments to not being alone.

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remoteMi says:

Bravo, ГЁ solo una grande idea

jeanMi says:

Certainly, certainly.

Vesna says:

Simply beautiful..Beloved Mooji, a young lady and their conversation – everything with so much peace and beauty of seeing..Thank you

Margit Rajda says:

Istennel – Istenben, az Önvalóban NINCS egyedüllét. Hála NEKI, már
sok éve nem ismerem a magányt….De az Egy-edüllét csodálatos! Mert akkor igazán Ő-ÉN.

Zsuzsana says:

Love you Mooji! So grateful!

Uschi says:

Such a blessing! Thank you Mooji ❤️

Danielle Choquette says:

Thank you,Michael! Blessings to you! _()_

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