Mooji Video: How to Love All Others as You Do Yourself?

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In this nine minute clip from Satsang in Rishikesh,  Mooji replies to a seeker who wants to know how he is suppose to love all others as himself.  Mooji explains that it all starts with the realization of your own true nature so that you may recognize that nature in all others.  Let’s listen in…


(Features Turkish Subtitles)

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Linda says:

What a heart-opening to feel into love as arising from awakening and not love for the person (as Mooji reflects) but love for that which is True in all-to see this as our common DNA. This cuts to the core leaving a shaking awareness. How beautiful Mooji’s seeing of this as our nature as he hugs devotees.

Rowena says:

So beautiful and clear and pure love, thank you for sharing x

Joanie says:

One ok Mooji’s best explanation of the Self in action.
Know thyself first; then, recognize & love others as you love love you!

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