Mooji Video: Mooji Shares His Views on Relationships

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In this ten minute video, Mooji explains his views on relationships based on his own life as well as integrating the search for truth and the growth of consciousness through our physical being.  Let’s listen in as he explains the downfalls of expectations, and unhealthy dependence on others…

(Features Turkish Subtitles)

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sally says:

I Like this one. Thank You, It made me smile
Om Namah Shivaya
So Much Love and enjoyment Micheal

Anonymous says:

I like Mooji but this one I really don’t agree with him. he has wisdom but this I don’t agree with.

Dr Ray Ernst says:

Such a wise talk! In addition to expanding ones consciousness beyond kids, house, job, car, the following is needed for a good relationship: caring, commitment, chemistry, communication. ❤️

Anonymous says:

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste

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