Mooji Quotes: Who Is Living Inside This Body?

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Here is a very short, yet powerful video created by Lucia Lagana combining music, images, and quotes from Mooji. This video focuses on the question, “Who is living inside this body? You or God?”

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sally says:

Om Namah shivaya
Thank you

Maria Gahlinger says:

A heart free of desire is true freedom.
Thank you, Mooji!

jenny says:

Thank you Lucia for the amazing videos you make – they are beautifully filmed and have an energy all of their own. I have one small request however – I often find the backing music is too loud for my ears and interferes with Mooji’s voice which is music in itself and needs no enhancement. I realise that music response is a very individual thing, but for my ears if it were quieter and more in the background it would be easier to listen to. It could be an age thing because I know a younger age group often likes their music loud! I don’t want to demean your wonderful videos – they are truly exquisite!

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