Mooji Answers: It Seems My Friends and Family Don’t Want Me to Be Free

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In this eight minute video, a follower explains to Mooji that his friends and family have noticed changes in him and react as if they are frightened and don’t want him to be free. Mooji explains that those that live exclusively in the mind feel threatened by those who are free and offers suggestions on what to do.

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sally says:

Beloved Mooji Baba
I Love you Namaste Om

Rich says:

Well said Mooji. Thank you.

Joanne says:

“… They want you to be the projections they have of you in their mind … Therefor, nobody wants you to be free …they want you to be who you are in their dream projection.”
Through these words, I see I do that too to them in that very moment! 😀 😀 😀 I don’t want them to be free, I want them to be who I want them to be in my dream projection. hahaha!
What ever they are, I don’t like that or I do, according to my dream projection!!! hahaha.
Letting go of my dream projection I love I and them and can laugh at all of it, enjoy all of it, nothing to hide, to pretend is better, nothing to change. Free we are. Isn’t that awesome to share, to have in common? We don’t have to nothing. Enjoyable we are. Merci Mooji for this 7:38 minutes my mind didn’t want to listen to. 😀 Still we did. My mind is ok. It seems it is starting to find itself funny… hahaha!

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