Mooji Video: How to Deal With People Fully Identified with the Ego

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In this 9 minute video, Mooji responds to an inquiry on how to deal (or interact) with people that are fully identified with the ego and have no interest in Freedom or “Truth”, especially those that are close to you in any way. Listen to Mooji’s wise advice on this subject…

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Danielle Choquette says:

Great great great! Thank you so much! Everyday tests in theworld we live in.Thank you for posting,Michael! _()_

Joanne says:

That’s freedom.
How about freedom! 😀 😀 😀
My I doesn’t have to carry the brilliant truth around with itself anymore. Awesome words and conversations do come in time, when they do, if they do. I just love the chunk of arrogance that just left. 😀 Thank you for the smile on my face and this weight I just lost. lol. I was doing that all the time: waiting or not waiting for the right time to sneak something disturbing in!
So funny and great to see it!!!

Bonne journée!
Have a great day

Devora Lillian says:

Thank YOU , for All of these lovely jewels of Satsang clips with Mooji Baba Om Namah Shivaya

Dr. Ray says:

Fantastic response!

Anonymous says:

As always Mooji gives the answer “of truth”,the only true answer there can be.

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