Mooji Video: Transcending Your Questions from the Mind

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This 10 minute video is a clip from Rishikesh Satsang on 13th March 2016.  He tells the story of Lakshman to demonstrate that as long as there is arrogance, as long as there is any identification with the body/mind, the questions that come forth will be “false” questions that can not be answered with the Truth.

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Renáta says:

Dear Lord.. It gives me good thrills. In my hungarian language the name Renáta means reborn and I never heard before about Sita. How can it fit in my “origiginal” name this well? I am so AMAZED. I feel like I was already born free and now I am making myself free by Moojijis pointings to be born again but this time the Self without mind is the only way to be.
I wanted to share some pure love. Thank you for helping me through the path.

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