Mooji Answers: You Can NOT Help Yourself, You Can Only Recognize Yourself

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This six minute video starts out with a seeker wanting to know “How do I keep myself quiet?”. In answering her question, Mooji helps us understand the difference between Vipassana and Satsang and that all of the questions designed to request help to awaken are mostly in vein since there is no way to help yourself (your true self) because you can only recognize yourself.

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Monica Wild says:

Beautiful journey every time moment by moment and breath by breath

pete says:

Another big difference is that no fee is charged for vipassana. Participants must pay money to attend satsung. It is up to the individual to decide the significance of this.

sat kartar says:

Unfortuantly there is this misconception that `spiritual teachers should teach for free & not charge people—mooji had to live & build the ashram etc….”Money” is just another flow/form of energy but its intreasting people are always caught up in its monetary value–let go & let love [in]. There Alwasy has to be an energy exchange, not neccesarily money but IF you are an individual who s mind is always coming up with this stuff related to money then for you it will be more important to value & pay for teachings……SEx Money & Power are the three things We all will be challenged on in this lifetime. We have to ask ourselves IF money issue is always coming up then what can we do to be rid of our disease fo attachment to it????? thats the BIG challenge.

admin says:

Yes, I agree and this is ridiculous. People will spend $800 on a purse or pair of shoes, but spend $100 on teachings that can help you get more peace and less suffering into your life is a sacrilege!!!!!

André says:

I never paid for Satsang.

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