Mooji Video: Giving Up the Idea of Control

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In this nine minute video clip from Mooji, a seeker starts out by thinking that one of the barriers for her complete awakening is having to give up control when Mooji helps her to realize that actually she will only have to give up the IDEA of having control.

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sally says:

What a beautiful moment of such intimacy
and her truth without heart defending
I can not find words
What a beautiful lady so hungry yet so ripe
That was so lovely and I have no Idea Why
Some just touch me and there is so much love so much joy so much happiness to be
Thank You

mary says:

thank you, mooji

Annie says:

So touching – moved by your holding her hands at the close of the conversation- she so longed for your touch – was palpable. Less often given to women of a certain age 😉
Appreciated your slow sensitive response Mooji ❤️

Dr Ray Ernst says:

What a gracious exchange! You feel the love! Dr. Ray Ernst

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