Mooji Video: The Mind Has No Sentience of its Own

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This nine minute video focuses on shedding the body/mind identification or at least seeing its unreality. Mooji explains that the body mind identification can only live through the power that we give it, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

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Hannah says:

If you cannot stop identifying with the body mind there can be underlying personal issues underneath this, it is a myth that working with the ego keeps one stuck in it. it can free one from it. Contrary to popular opinion, you have to do the personal work to have the fullest flowering of non duality

zorbathebuddha2 says:

This being ‘the Witness’, and the later Tantric recognition that All is One, at the initial stage of the Witness ‘understanding’ can be confusing. I have ‘over-identified’ in that it has meant illness and in learning to be ‘aware’ of the body-mind, there has been a sense of freedom and perspective of my difficulties. The I saw that ‘I Am’, and everything else was NOT me. Then came the teaching that there is NO separation, and by golly I was muddled. Should I separate or should I merge? That place, in the middle, holding the tension between the two, somehow, seems at least in terms of intellectual understanding, appears to be the point. yeah?

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