Mooji Video: What About All the Starving and Sick Children and Injustices?

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This video clip from Mooji is 18 minutes long, but if you have ever wondered why there are starving and sick children and all of the atrocities happening in this world, then you may want to invest a few minutes to see Mooji’s perspective to these very common questions.

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Diane Williams Giese says:

Truth and wisdom – from within. Thank you Beloved Mooji

Salila Winkels says:

Thank you Mooji for this always timely reminder.

Uva says:

Thank you beloved Master for shining your light into the dark. I love you with all my being.

Anonymous says:

Beautiful passionate talk !

Devora Lillian says:

so good! Thank you for sharing such a jewel and in all of the satsang jewels with Srti Mooji xdevora

Laise says:

Nossa…essas palavras são de um poder colossal. Muito obrigada Santo e Sábio Mestre

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