Mooji Video: When You Don’t Want Anything, Then You Are Free

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In this powerful 4 minute reminder, Mooji explains that when only pure seeing (what you are) remains, then there is no distortion from the mind. There is only pure perceiving without any leaking of energy to wants, desires, expectations, anticipations, acceptance, rejection and no conditions to fulfill. This little video could make a great little daily reminder.

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Lena Hall says:

I always lesson Moogi videos.
Is fantastic, and always can learn from it.
I’m very grateful for it and the experience of Moogi.

……Thank You….

Anne Batchelor says:

No words can convey my gratitude to this pointing.

Monique says:

Illuminating teaching, thank you all. Much Love.

Mary says:

Thank you moon!

Rajda Margit says:

IGEN! Nem akarok semmit, szabad vagyok! Köszönöm, Mooji!

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