Mooji Video: The Play of Consciousness

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Do you have 23 minutes and 53 seconds to complete your “Awakening”?  Taken from a Satsang in India in January of 2007, this clip provides an intimate moment where Mooji shows us exactly who/what we are. What is shared in this video is all that is needed for one to awaken to his/her true nature.

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Cecile says:

Thank you so much dear Mooji, after hearing your kind coca cola yoke it gave me the patience with my unability to surrender. I love you dear Mooji and thank you for pointing out the Truth, may it please remove what has to be removed in order to melt with it.

Hetty says:

I feel so quiet after your powerfull words. I am grateful . Thank you.

ruthshivani says:

thankyou thankyou thankyou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous says:

This was so helpful; everything Mooji said touched home (inside of me). It is so nice to listen to someone who gives all the answers and who knows who I am. Thank you Mooji!

Ona Nee says:

Saber light clear! ‘Om Namaste 🙂 <3

Ona Nee says:

Thank you

prem parimal says:

Listening and listening and listening again… Tears flowing… mind wanting to grasp… Watching. Nowhere to go. Beloved Mooji.

Len says:

SO grateful!
Does Mooji ever come to Canada – especially Vancouver where I live?

admin says:

I sure wish he did Len because that’s where I live as well.

Chris says:

Thank you.

After seeing this the wanting to awaken is seen as a phenomenon in consciousness as well 🙂

Uva says:

Listening again and again – going deeper – hearing more – opening wider – a cry welling up from deep inside, wanting to hold on to what can non be held onto but is always present – can not be touched as that again brings separation, ….. and then finally there are no more words or wants………
Mooji,thank you with all my heart, for your loving and clear guidance.

Anonymous says:

Om….Thank you…it is very deep….it touched my heart. With my Love…Pranam…Gratitude….my Beloved Mooji!!!…Om.

Marian says:

Gratitude swells from my heart for your words Mooji, thank you, I won’t be the Coca Cola machine much longer I want to swallow the coin. I loved to see the ladies face when she heard she is God it was me also. May we all be guided home quickly, Mooji is our good shepherd ❤️✨

Anonymous says:

Beautiful, thank you. So much love…. So much truth….

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