Mooji Video: The Difference Between Keeping Quiet and Effortless Silence

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In this short 5 minute video, Mooji explains that there is a major difference between keeping quiet and effortless silence. One is based on a false identity and can never be carried out for long and one is based on the “Self” and is timelessly so. Find out the difference now…

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hilde says:

Thank You so much…..trying to be calm and in silence… I live in a appartment with a baby above me.
Whole day long noise…crying ..waking up early.
And I try to find amodus to be calm.
Untill now my ego is first to react…..angry comes…..
I do not move out….this is a test…a very big one…..and this video is helping me a lot.

Thank You.

Anonymous says:

I love you, Mooji..

Barbara says:

I love you Mooji!

Barbara says:

I love you Mooji! Your words bring silence and peace.

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