Mooji Moment: Return to the Place Where the Self, God and Truth Are One and the Same

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In this 9 minute video clip taken on one of Mooji’s walks in Monte Sahaja, he shares with us the initial cause of suffering and offers a way out of suffering by returning our attention back to the that unbound space of being where the imagined self does not exist.

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sally says:

Thank you..A knot somewhere today..Let it be..Om Shanti Om

Erica. Kuyten says:

Yust the right time to hear this again. It is me and not the other.
Let me look deeper.
Thank you dearest Mooji.

Danielle Choquette says:

The whole world doesn’t have to always make sense,and we have to accept it.The conditions of the earth are such as there has to be some dark little games played,if not it wouldn’t be a dualistic planet,and we wouldn’t be able to grow with. Thank you! _()_ <3

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