Mooji Answers: How to Deal With a Broken Heart From a Loved One Dying, Leaving or the Injustice of the World

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In this 8 minute video, Mooji responds to an extremely common question of how to deal with the death of a loved one, how to deal with being left by a loved one and how to deal with so much suffering and ignorance in the world.

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Veena says:

How to chop filing things?After listening to this, looks like I let pain keep happening to me. I want to chop it. Bless me!

Gillian says:

As always, Mooji offers a beautiful and honest response to one who is feeling the pain of loss.

Lynn Loftin Cedarholm says:

Thank you for this beautiful message re: grieving and pain.

Is there a video of Mooji speaking of angels?

Micheal says:

Thank you Mooji I have been suffering many losses pushed together quickly. The pain of missing them is strong .
Your world’s spoke to my soul, you are correct on all matters…
Blessings and peace to you.

Anonymous says:

I lost my son 10 years ago..he was 29…for me is like a ten days ago..lost my mum and dad too,but I don’t feel pain any more for them…I’m in peace with them.
But the pain for my son is so strong,deep,miss him every day,speak with him every day….
When he comes in my dreams I’ m so happy when I wake up but only for a short time…then is again the same…Thank you Mooji for your words ,but I don’t know how to embrace this…want it , but I can’t.
For me my life is only breathing…

Anonymous says:

Thank you Mooji! I hope your words are going to help me…love!

Ila ghei says:

My daughter just had a heartbreak. Her boyfriend cheated on her after 8 yrs of a good relationship. How to console her.

Anonymous says:

Was a bit harsh maybe !

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