Mooji Video: Taking a Closer Look at the “I Am”

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In this nine minute video clip of Mooji, we find him focusing in on the “I Am” and taking a closer look at what it is and what it is not to help us come to a place of unmixed being.

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Deborah says:

This is lovely, so clear and simple and a must to see. Am going to keep it and can constantly return to it. Thank you Mooji and all those who are involved in the sharing of it.

zorbathebuddha2 says:

Have you heard the contemporary Advaita teachers say the ‘we do not exist’?

zorbathebuddha2 says:

Rupert Spira talks about the ‘inward way’ and the ‘outward way’. I understand this means the ‘witness’ (as in the screen and the cinematic picture upon it) as separate, and then the recognition that both witness and witnessed are One. I am awareness and that which I am aware of.

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