Mooji Video: Don’t Trade One Conditioning for Another

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In this lovely 10 minute video clip from Mooji, he has a wonderful one-on-one breakthrough with a seeker. Mooji explains that he is not trying to be the self and that some superficial conditioning will always remain but that it has no importance, no power, no authority, no pulling power or commanding force, therefor it is like nothing. Only the “Self” remains.

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Tatjana Bulesic says:

When you don’t hold on anything, how life can be? You can’t even imagine how everything’s change, everything….bliss

Nayana says:

Thanks….administrator……after long period I am able to drop all thoughts,sensations of body,…..experiencing a lot of peace….that is bliss.

Maria Gahlinger says:

“It just is”
Thank you..Letting go of thoughts even for a moment is true freedom!

Emmy taylor says:

The depth of my soul is thankful for Mooji!

Will Gaines says:

There is no distance. There is a great contentment in silence. There is no distance.

Steven Craig says:

Wonderful, just wonderful, thank you for your work. Enjoy this reflection of what IS.

Anonymous says:

Such a very good clip! Thank you

Anonymous says:

thank you! thank you!

Sandesh says:

Fantastic clip. Thank you dear Michael.

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