Mooji Answers: “How to” Questions Always From the Mind

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This short 5 minute video from Mooji makes a very important point that ALL questions starting with “How to” or even “Why…” are from the mind and based on a false assumption of an entity that does not exist. These types of questions can quickly be dismissed because a true answer can not be given for a question based on a false premise.

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Karl Schoeni says:

“I” once experienced that mind, which can be seen as a kind of computer who wants to manage things is nothing else as a computer that tries to be operator. But the mind executes just what it becomes delivered from the Operator and the Operator is nobody as the real self. Therefore it’s important what Ego believes. It is that what it has in his memory only.
Knowing that memory is not real mind wants to authenticate its existence by creating famous things.

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