Mooji Video: In this Busy World, How Can I Remain as the Self?

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In this short video Mooji uses a story that he has told many times to answer a common question. Many of us want to know… with everything we have to deal with in life, how is it possible to stay as the self like you say. There are too many distractions. It doesn’t seem possible. The answer is really quite simple…

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[…] By the way, the windshield wiper story they are speaking about at the beginning of the video can be found here. […]

sallymartin says:

Brilliant Analogy Of Truth…I Love You Guruji Mooji I Love Myself……..How Wonderfully…I unfold With No Concerns or Worries………….Just Joy……..After Yes Yes Yes………..Now Who am I……..Is Not a Big Question Anymore…Thank You

rowena says:

‘how do i stay as the Self?’ – this too is a wind-screen wiper thought 🙂 i love this analogy. thank you

Vanita bunwaree says:

Does it mean focussing on i am?

Janton says:

Focus on the Self stay at the Self

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