Mooji Video: No Need to Bodyguard the Beingness

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In this very short video, Mooji reminds us that the beingness can not be disturbed. Only the idea we have about ourselves can be molested by other ideas (thoughts).  The beingness has no ideas about itself therefor it always remains untouched.

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Chris says:

Wonderful. Thank you.

Anonymous says:

The way Mooji touches the person he is communicating with moves my heart.

Joanie says:

Beautiful! Truth is open; mind is tricky, always instigating false facts & trying to manipulate our minds to believing in the ego.
Truth is free, like a cool breeze on a hot day; mind is always fearful, clutching & guarding its false facts.
Thank you, Mooji, for recognizing you are Spirit & for stepping out of the dream to experience Truth.

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