Mooji Videos: Something is Blocking…How do I Let Go?

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This Mooji video is only 5 minutes long, yet contains the answer to the question, “I feel like something is blocking me from being free, how do I let go?”.

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Starshine says:

this is the most important video ever…Much appreciation Mooji for the answer that i have been looking for, for years…also many thanks to ur staff for letting me be one of the beings that is receiving these beautiful messages, someday i hope to visit u…Much gratitude

Cecile says:

I totally agree with Sunshine, I am so grateful for blessed Mooji and for his staff who makes these pointings possible, thank you!

Eric says:

Out of my funk – immediately after watching this video I am out of my funk – five star complete with easy touch down … What a service you render for sharing these precious moments with Mooji

Sunil says:

Mooji is the blessing for many like me on this planet. Deep change happens within without any effort.Hope I have the fortune to meet him in person. Luv u mooji

jacquie ireland says:

Brilliant I hear you x

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