Mooji Moment: Humanity Must Go Beyond Person-hood

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In this lovely ten minute moment filmed on one of his walks,  Mooji explains that humanity must go beyond person-hood in order to transcend all of the shortfalls of believing in such a delusion which is responsible for so much suffering in the world.

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Anne says:

Amazing video. Thank you so much

sally says:

Beautiful Namaste Thank You
Om Namah Shivaya Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Danielle Choquette says:

Such a beautiful pointing,Moojiji Baba,Truth ITself.Thank you for sharing,Michael. _()_

Diana says:

Calling us home, grateful for pointing dearest love

rose says:

people become selfish when they have been wounded .. that is all .. judging them for being selfish doesn’t help … trauma and wounding causes the self to contract … to feel separate, and therefore needy and ‘selfish’ … if you don’t try and by-pass the parts of you that are actually only needing healing, through compassion and .. as he says … KINDNESS, through being embraced by LOVE rather than anger and judgement for our discrepancies and errors, then selfishness will dissolve becuase it will have no need to exist … it is only self-protection.

I feel a certain harshness in Moojis words here .. he is almost spitting at people who have a ‘facade’ rather than seeming kind to wards all beings , kindness heals, not judgement .. you cannot simply sever people from their lives and experiences and call it awakening .. all you are doing is suppressing and rejecting .. this is not HEALING. and its healing that the world needs not harshness and judgementalism for not being perfect seekers.

Rut Wagner says:

I have become SELFLESS because I have been wounded from the days before being born as a non wanted child and never found to a yes for my being. That is all…

You can get a murder because once having been wounded, yes. But as well you can get a nun in your pain, yes.

Can it be that your words like ‘harshness in Moojis words’ may be harsh from your own side?

Maite says:

Merci merci merci

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