Mooji Video: If I Drop Everything, Does That Mean I Will No Longer Have Opinions or Preferences?

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In this eleven minute clip, a follower wants to know what to do when she is empty (being in Presence) and someone wants to know her preference or opinion about something.  Mooji responds to this question.

The thing to remember is that being itself has no opinions, but we are still HUMAN beings playing out a role as consciousness, and consciousness can and will continue to interact with life generating spontaneous opinions and preference.  “DYNAMIC” LIFE IS NOT IN CONFLICT WITH THE “TRUTH”. It is only when there is an attachment to certain opinions and preferences that the problems come because it indicates that there is a “someone” (a person) who is identifying with those opinions.

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Anonymous says:

So what about mandatory vaccination poisoning our children right in front of our eyes? Or 5G and smart metres coming into existence? Stay QUIET about that? Even though the survival of humanity is at risk? What am i missing in Mooji’s pointings? Accept what is ?Pretending this is not my reality?

admin says:

Once you realize what you are, this type of question will never come up. Here’s a good video…

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