In this beautiful 9 minute video, Mooji shares how this attitude of consciously inviting God’s help, combined with the recent sitting exercise he has been sharing with us, is the most powerful way to transcend ego. Let’s watch now…
Recently, Mooji has put a powerful focus on taking time to simply sit and bring our full attention and focus to resting in and as pure awareness. We are happy to share this powerful guided exercise with you in support of the full recognition and awakening to the timeless Self.
In this AMAZING 2 hour interview, Mooji and André discuss the foundations of spiritual living, revealing how to release your attachment to the ego, and reconnect to your true essence. Mooji shares his perspective on conscious relationships, overcoming sexual desires, and finding a wealth that’s deeper than money. This conversation is full of divine inspiration and Mooji even guides us through an exercise for awakening and expanding awareness.
IF THIS VIDEO DOES NOT SHOW UP OR PLAY, CLICK ON THE BLUE LINK BELOW. In this amazing 15 minute compilation, Mooji answers the most popular questions about love such as “What is Love?”, “How to love everyone as I love myself?” , “How to Love without attachments?”, and “How to love unconditionally?”. Let’s find a quiet place and enjoy!
Do life’s challenges come predestined for our spiritual growth? In this lovely 10 minute video, Mooji directs our attention to that which is beyond all challenges and the influence of the ego. From this perspective it becomes evident how life takes care of life.
In this wonderful new video, Mooji speaks about the sense ‘I Am’, the sense of being, and encourages us to sit in this, as this. He continues that even this ‘I Am’-ness can subside and what remains is the core of Awareness, the wordless state. Let’s get started now…
Many seekers of truth complain of how noisy and restless the monkey mind can play, especially when there is an intention to be self aware as presence. In this video, Mooji offers a straightforward guidance that exposes the monkey identity and reveals the pure space of the uninvolved witness.
This simple and easy to follow 10 minute meditation directs the attention back to its source. We are guided to not identify with the body, thoughts or feelings but to remain as the detached witness. Like this we experience how it is to be just aware, how spacious, how natural. In a short time we find ourself back in our original, pure and timeless being.
This satsang is an absolute gem and master pointing on Self Inquiry. It exposes the falsehood of the personal ´I´ and is highly recommended for repeated viewing to confirm our true essence as pure awareness.
This must-watch satsang is at the very heart of Moojibaba’s pointings. By remaining as the detached witness we are able to observe the mind and all its tricks which are appearing on the screen of consciousness.
In this illuminating conversation, Mooji and Jonny Wilkinson delve into the true nature of our being, the quest for freedom, and the power of letting go. After a long and successful career as a rugby player, Jonny turned to exploring Self realisation, and we are very happy to share this uplifting interview.
The best way to serve God is to be empty of the sense of a personal “you”. By following Mooji’s guidance in this video, we experience harmony with God and find absolute joy in the emptiness of being.
Often we desire things, believing they will bring immense happiness, but eventually realize they fall short of our expectations. In this 5 minute video, Mooji shares that true fulfillment lies within our heart and to make use of this life to fully awaken to our true nature.
What does it mean to integrate? To continue to not identify with things that come up. We are not on a journey to refine the person — include also the sense of the person as a phenomenon perceived by something which cannot be seen. The person is a restless state, searching for rest in fulfilling its projections. Be here in your unchanging being. Your real journey begins within — in this within-ness, you learn to observe with detachment and discover your natural state.
In this lovely 20 minute video, Mooji’s emphasis in this talk is on the importance of observing thoughts and sensations with detachment. From the stillness of the detached witness, peace and harmony infuse all of our daily interactions. Let’s get started…
If you are truly interested in learning about your true nature, and what you truly are… you can literally throw out everything you have ever heard and live and breathe this video. That’s how important this video can be to you that is reading this. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been studying for many decades, the wisdom shared in this video is complete. There is nothing other than mind garbage that is beyond this. In case you missed it, you should really watch this video.
In this potent 16 minute talk, Mooji points to the singular understanding which can set us free from all of the suffering born from the mind and person-hood.
In this lovely short video Mooji gives a simple and essential guidance to observe the play of life as though we are sitting inside the room of our own Being — untroubled, with a sweet detachment and deepening peace.
In this lovely video from 2023, Mooji guides us through a potent and transformative Self-inquiry guidance, triggered by a questioner’s frustration that sometimes he is not able to shift to the place of the Self.
In this wonderful 14 minute video, Mooji gives us a direct guidance and exercise to discover our inherent peace and stillness. By staying in this true place, we find that we don’t have to go out and change the world, but our very presence will begin to radiate peace and harmony.
In this powerfully clear talk, Mooji exposes the subtle ways of the mind that keep us feeling that we are not yet our true Self. Mooji calls on two students to walk us through, step by step, the arising of negative and oppressive states, and how to transcend them by applying the simple guidance offered in Satsang. Mooji shows us again how we can bring all the difficult feelings and oppressive thoughts that keep us feeling bound into the light of clear seeing, and be timelessly free.
This lovely 9 minute video is a profound yet simple guidance to observe life with detachment and to wake up from the limitation of personhood to your true nature.
On this joyful 8 minute morning walk, Mooji shares about the natural harmony of life that is experienced the more we are drawn into the heart of true Self discovery.
In this rich and insightful 20 minute talk, Mooji responds to a questioner who asks how we can stay in our inner emptiness, the true Self, when life also calls us to engage with the troubles and sorrows of the world? Let’s listen to Mooji’s beautiful response…
In this beautiful 9 minute video, we are called to put our attention on the now. The now beyond time and the here beyond place, our very own true Self.
In this 10 minute Satsang excerpt, Mooji addresses the sense of ‘doing’ in spiritual practice — how can we balance the urge to meditate and strive for spiritual awakening with the recognition that there is nothing to do, and we are already that? Mooji cuts right to the heart of the issue and directs us to the quintessential understanding:
On one of his morning walks, Mooji meets a student who expresses she has been struggling with the busy-ness of daily life. In response Mooji shares this powerful exercise to stay with the sense of being.
In this insightful exchange, a student shares that he finds himself getting personally identified when interacting and speaking with others. He asks for Mooji’s guidance on how to remain as awareness in these moments.