This short five minute video demonstrates Mooji‘s beautiful view of religion.
Everything comes and everything passes except one “thing” that can not pass.  In this super short three minute video, Mooji explains that finding the one that can not pass is the key to finding your “Self”.
This is a 5 star video that reveals the backbone to all of Mooji‘s pointings.
Mooji describes in detail what it is like for him at his level of understanding. This very short video is one of the best ever.  Don’t forget to share this one with your friends.
In this 7 minute video Mooji explains that recognizing the self requires no belief. It is not an opinion, belief, point of view or require trust. The “Truth” just IS and IS essentially what we are.
Mooji explains that whatever you can describe or label is not you. None of the content and activities of life are you. You are the witness (awareness) behind everything that is happening. You are even the witness of the witness.
In this video Mooji speaks with a woman who has a father that has Alzheimer’s and helps her to understand that perhaps what she sees as a miserable state, is actually a preferred state of being. Our minds automatically feel like if you don’t have memories and desires that life can be miserable, but actually it can be quite the opposite.
In this short clip, Mooji explains that you are the source seeking itself. He goes on to explain that the source is also imminent inside the functioning of manifestation itself so as it flows out through grace to create the universe, it is also experiencing the universe within itself.
In a one on one interaction with a devotee, Mooji explains that in order to truly understand what he is sharing with us, it is necessary to drop ourselves and go beyond the notion of a person.
In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains the first monumental discovery.  Those who have this discovery for themselves often wonder what is next, or where to go from this discovery, but Mooji explains that there really isn’t any other discovery to be made.
This nine minute video from Mooji is about shedding slavery to the ego. The questioner says that now that she has seen the mind for what it is, it seems that it keeps coming back more powerfully then ever and wants to know what to do when the mind has taken her over completely. Let’s listen in on Mooji’s valuable advice…
In this super short four minute video moment with Mooji, he explains that Self-Awareness is the nemesis of the Ego and that the more self aware we become, the weaker the ego’s influence can be. Let’s listen the master put it into words…
In this five minute video, Mooji responds to a questioner wanting to know why it seems that Mooji resides in a state of bliss.  He explains how it is possible for one to experience bliss, even if one appears to be miserable. Let’s listen in to his explanation… German translation included (Click CC).
In this eight minute video from 2010, Mooji responds to the beautiful Mirabai (from Mooji’s Sangha in Sahaja) about the question, “I can see what I am not, but is this enough?” Let’s listen to Mooji’s beautiful response…
Fall in love with your unborn being with Mooji’s guidance. This beautiful guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to yourself in deep peace, love and harmony.  Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the ultimate message of truth and freedom…
In this short 18 minute video and powerful guidance from the April 2024 Awakening Intensive in Lisbon, Mooji offers us the key back to overcome the subtle tricks of the mind.
Do you have 23 minutes and 53 seconds to complete your “Awakening”?  Taken from a Satsang in India in January of 2007, this clip provides an intimate moment where Mooji shows us exactly who/what we are. What is shared in this video is all that is needed for one to awaken to his/her true nature.
Any type of “blockage” we feel we may have preventing us from realization is only noise from the mind.
So many of us keep asking the question “How do I get there?” This short video takes us directly to the answer.
Mooji explains that initially it is perfectly natural to identify with the body but eventually we must come to the realization that we are just pure awareness witnessing everything that is taking place through consciousness.
Mooji explains that we should not let fear guide our decisions.  Once you have done everything you can do and it seems like a decision needs to be made and you have no idea what to do, the advice that Mooji offers is to “keep quiet, don’t force a decision”.  When the right time comes you will “recognize” what needs to be done. The right decision comes as a RECOGNITION.
Mooji explains that we believe everything into existence. Thoughts have no power by themselves. A thought without belief is nothing at all, has no power; a thought with belief can start a war, or begin to heal a nation. FIVE STAR VIDEO!!
In this 15 minute video, Mooji explains that “Realization” is not the be all, end all. Although it has been fired, the mind will keep showing up for work and by staying in a state of Self-Rememberance one’s attention can be easily brought back from its habit to go with the mind. This is also called vigilance. Both Nisargadatta Maharaj and Papaji both spoke of remaining vigilant until their very last breath.
In this very short 4 minute video clears up the misconception around the directive “Stay as Awareness”. Mooji explains that not only is it hard, it is quite impossible for “you” to stay as awareness. Watch this video to discover the mistake that is being made. In reality, “Staying as Awareness” or “Remaining as Awareness” is completely effortless.
In this 6 minute video filmed on one of Mooji’s walks in Portugal, Mooji explains that life is not just about making sense. He explains that the “Truth” is not necessarily logical and that we need to open up our minds to include what doesn’t necessarily make sense.
This excellent 7 minute video clip contains everything that one needs to know to understand and assimilate what is called the “Truth”.  Mooji explains the unreality of the “person” and the true nature of our being as consciousness (I Am) as the pure undiluted expression of the Absolute.
In this five minute video, Mooji responds to an inquiry about forgiveness. The questioner wants to know “In the Advaita way, does one seek forgiveness for behavior that has brought harm, or does one just observe the thoughts and abide in the self?”  Listen to what Mooji has to say…
In this nine minute video, an inquiry comes in saying that she feels like the illusory nature of the ego has been revealed to her but that somehow she feels like it is still hiding somewhere, and wants to know what she can do about it. Mooji responds by first reminding her not to worry about the return of the ego and then provides advice on how to keep it in its proper perspective.