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Identify your true position. You can not come and go.  Everything else but you comes and goes.

Everything comes and everything passes except one “thing” that can not pass.  In this super short three minute video, Mooji explains that finding the one that can not pass is the key to finding your “Self”.

Mooji explains that “Inquiry” is not as complicated as some of us make it out to be.

In this video it is discussed that there is only one “Absolute” that incarnates in all forms, but that thanks to duality this oneness can experience other in all of its manifestations. The beauty of “Realization” is that one gets to become awake to the fact that it is all the same “self” and that the seeming separateness is all part of the dream of form.

In this great 10 minute video, Mooji explains what gets identified with a “person” within us. He also explains that the “I” or “I am” comes as the “sound” of the absolute in this body. What a wonderful way of putting it.

In this beautiful 9 minute video, Mooji explains that while having a body, Awakening is about Unity inside of Duality. He explains that a Jnani’s state is two-aspected and includes an aspect of unchanging awareness while also enjoying an ever changing and growing aspect as well.

This beautifully produced one hour documentary about Mooji is a MUST see.

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In this lovely 5 minute clip from an interview, Mooji explains that we need suffering and fear to propel us to take action towards our spiritual evolution. Without suffering or fear we would be perfectly happy to stay asleep as a person and never inquire into anything that could lead us into the nature of our true reality.

This eight minute video from a Sunday Satsang tea session, Mooji shares some reminders of what we are searching for and to help us find the courage for us to shed the illusions of the mind.

In this 8 minute video, Mooji responds to an extremely common question of how to deal with the death of a loved one, how to deal with being left by a loved one and how to deal with so much suffering and ignorance in the world.

In this 7 minute video from many years ago, Mooji provides a deep Christmas message without delusions. If the statement “YOU are the Christ in Jesus” offends you, you may want to move on.  If it inspires you or intrigues you, then you will want to listen closely to every word of this very special message.

In this eight minute video, a follower explains to Mooji that his friends and family have noticed changes in him and react as if they are frightened and don’t want him to be free. Mooji explains that those that live exclusively in the mind feel threatened by those who are free and offers suggestions on what to do.

Here’s another wonderful seven minute video from Mooji, reminding us that we are that eternal space which gives birth to the story of life.  Anything and everything that we can talk about comes from that same eternal space which we are.  Let’s listen…

Here is an another wonderful four minute video in which Mooji drives home direct pointings of our true nature and be free from the tyranny of the imaginary self.  Let’s listen…

In this lovely video, Mooji explains that being a vegetarian has NOTHING to do with the realization of the Self (Awakening). He goes on to explain that it is purely natural to have compassion for those who suffer, but we must make sure that we don’t fall into the trap of suffering for others.  Let’s listen to this wisdom-filled advice…

In this super short 4 minute video, Mooji explains when consciousness goes from “person” to “presence” and a realization of our true nature takes place, an automatic consciousness cleansing will begin to take place. Let’s find out what he is talking about…

In this brilliant 7 minute video,  Mooji reminds us that often we just believe in too many things and that every time you choose a belief you are actually passing up freedom.  I don’t know if that made sense or not, so let’s let Mooji explain…

In this super direct 4 minute video, Mooji reminds us what true happiness is all about and how we can live in a permanent state of happiness. Let’s hurry and get started…

Here is Part 2 of a treasured 3 part series that demonstrates the depth of Mooji’s “knowledge” and comprehension of our true nature. In this small series Mooji is at his highest level of understanding and sharing capabilities.

So many of us keep asking the question “How do I get there?” This short video takes us directly to the answer.

In this excellent 10 minute video answers one of the most common questions of all. Mooji reminds us that whatever we can perceive is not you.  Which of your thoughts come from the “true” self? Let’s find out…