Mooji – All excuses come from the mind.

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Any type of “blockage” we feel we may have preventing us from realization is only noise from the mind.

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sethu says:

Very Powerful!!! yet to comprehend THANK YOU THANKYOU SADHGURU!!!!

Alison says:

So so grateful for these nightly clips ! Hearing is now coming from a different place and there is such overflowing gratitude for the love and wisdom in each clip . There is just a bowing down for this grace . Thank you thank you

mike says:

Love this. Thank you for posting this.

Nayana says:

Guruji….Thank you…..

Diane says:

So many thanks, so much love

Rowena says:

Thank you for these daily posts 🙂 much love

Anna says:

Thank you soooooo much! I am so gratefulfor these little videos!

Sunil says:

Amazing Amazing Amazing video thanks a lot for sending

Jude Covacevich says:

My deepest Gratitude Mooji…

Rekha Patel says:

Om…Thank you with my Love…Pranam Beloved Mooji!!!…Om.

Lalla says:

My deepest Love and Gratitude Mooji… And to all of your great team… Thank you …

Margaret Schmoyer says:

Thank you to the team for my daily Mooji. It is appreciated.

ElsieMary Poliquin says:

I thank you for the liberty of your love for sharing the wisdom………
so appreciated!

Brigitte says:

so gratefull for these everyday minisatsangs, breathing them into my whole being, in every cell, bathing in this loving smile which touches my heart in it’s essence – my holy ritual and prayer before diving into deep silence and sleep, thanks from Berlin, Germany

Elya says:

Un grand merci pour cette nouvelle vidéo !

Joyce A Miles says:

Thank you Mooji for this daily wisdom.

Antonia says:

Ik dank u voor de dagelijkse video. Ik kijk er elke dag naar uit en vind ze geweldig.
Dank u wel, Mooije en team…

Anonymous says:

I think people are looking for an ah ha epiphany, ‘I got it!’ experience when they listen to Mooji because that appears to happen at some of his Satsangs. When they don’t get that they think there is a block. What they don’t realize is that for most people it’s a slow burn not explosive fireworks. The realization happens very subtly over time. It barely registers and then you realize your days are filled with peace. I love Mooji, though his teaching seems to encourage the ah ha explosive experience which isn’t the norm.

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