Mooji – Understanding Vigilance and Attention

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Mooji provides clues about vigilance and attention.

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Veronica viddler says:

Thank you,just what I needed to hear

Angelica Christi says:


Rekha Patel says:

Om…very good video….Stay with the Self…Thanks with my Love…Pranam..Gratitude to My Beloved Mooji!!!…..Om.

Sérgio Rafael de Almeida says:

Thanks merry crhirstmas love love somethingg you dear ❤️

Marie says:

I so appreciate receiving these daily videos. Namaste all. Thank you so much Mooji. Thank you.

Grazia says:

Wisdom ❤ Thankyou Moojiji

hvld says:

This place is simy the best thing on the web. (After Mooji 😉 ) Love love Love

Brigitte says:

Thanks with my love.

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