Mooji Answers: Where is the bliss?

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In this 9 minute video Mooji answers the question from an enquirer who wants to know why he doesn’t feel the blissful state that is associated with freedom even though the “me” is gone.  Mooji shows us how tricky the mind can be and that we should have no expectations of what it is like to be free.

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Anavadya says:

I am so grateful to get these videos. Sometimes i hear with only the mind and I am grateful to have such clear answers and a better understandinng to guide me. Other times I am so fortunate because what is said goes deep into my being and stays there. Mooji you have made meditation possible for me and I am so grateful. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Rowena says:

I love the analogy of the bad company, critical mind, like a flock of pigeons….and whoosh! they leave altogether. Ahhh… to walk in peace 🙂 thank you

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