Mooji Video: The Sage’s Secret

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In this 8 minute video, Mooji reveals the simple yet ever powerful secret of the Sages. The metaphor used in this video has been told to us repeatedly yet it is the difference between a Sage and one who struggles with mind’s incessant attempts to regain control of our attention, focus and sense of identity.

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Rowena says:

Wonderful one! Thank you

Maria says:

“stay as you are” is a lot less work and more peaceful than getting caught up in thoughts and concerns, yet these distractions seem so enticing. However, they do not lead us to joy.
Thank you, Mooji, for your patience in showing us that we are already joy!

Lalitbhandari says:

Stay as self highest mantra

Jude Covacevich says:

Thank you my dear Mooji.

Thank you my dear Mooji.

Maria says:

Thank you Mooji, I feel that today I finally se the point o focus of the Sage’s Secret to “stay as , I am”. Thank you and Namaste

shelley freeman says:

I had to comment today. I think this is my favorite video. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hope to meet you in person someday. You are also in my heart. Namaste

Maite says:

quel magnifique métaphore Love you Mooji

Marlene says:

This is the first time I also have made a comment. So simple and yet really gets to the core. Mooji no words can describe my thanks for your constant and patient advice — this message was extra special for me at this very moment. Eternally grateful.

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